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Welcome to the Rumsen Ohlone Indigenous Embrace

Rumsen Ohlone Indigenous Embrace is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on healing your mind, body and spirit through indigenous-based teachings. 


It is important for us to understand that the effects of such a violent history do not remain isolated in the past.  The kind of trauma our modern nation was founded on is carried, passed down, and felt generation after generation, imprinted in our DNA, manifesting in a variety of painful symptoms such as violence towards self and others, addictions, depression, shame, anxiety, hopelessness, etc...until the source of such pain is faced, examined, and understood.


Ultimately, it must be healed at the root for any real change to occur.  Until such healing takes place, a gross imbalance is present, as reflected on individual AND collective levels.  

The source of this pain is disconnect, and it comes from the way we were systematically disconnected from our roots and all of our relations, from who we were, and who we are.


We create a safe and sacred place in which this good work can take place by providing a local sanctuary for healing the body, mind and spirit by hosting prayer lodges and cultural events that are open to all who feel called to join us.  We share and celebrate the ways of our ancestors with each other and with all our relations through community outreach and education.  We focus not only on our trauma and pain, but on our breathtaking resilience, courage, and adaptability.  We carry with us into the future, the tools and wisdom gifted by those who have walked before.  We invite you to listen and if our stories and our teachings resonate and set your soul aflame, we invite you to join us, sit by our fire.


Our Story

This community is founded on a commitment to a prayer and a promise to our people: "As we offer ourselves in gratitude to the customs and traditions of our ancestors, may we discover a way of life which honors the struggle of those that have paved the way for the next seven generations.  May we pay them homage by living in a good way, the old ways of our people, and be blessed with a life of peace and dignity."

R.O. Indigenous Embrace was born out of a deep love of this earth and the multitude of beautifully diverse creations it encompasses.  Whether in the shape of human, plant, animal, ancestor, or spirit, it is the belief of indigenous people past and present, that these beings are ALL our relations.  That we are all one family is a deeply held truth we hope to pass onto future generations and a medicine we beleive can be used in powerful ways to heal the ancestral trauma that is an undeniable facet of our nations history and plague of the current generation.

What We Do

We spend our time reaching out to communities all across Southern California. 

We host community prayer lodges and bring the community together to connect to each other. 

We also speak at cultural events, schools, museums, genealogical societies, summer camps, and many more. If you're interested in hearing from us, we're interested in speaking.


We believe education about our ancestors' history and experiences is the first step to understanding ourselves.

Our Vision

Our team of spiritual leaders and mentors aims to teach the community about reconnecting with our Mother Earth and provide tools for recovery and personal enrichment.


"We had the opportunity to join family at the gathering. It was my first time. I can't begin to express the way I felt at the end of the evening. I walked away with a feeling like no other; I entered the circle with an open mind and heart... I welcome you to come and attend a gathering when occassion arises. To you, Indigenous Embrace, a heartfelt Thank You for opening up your home and making us all feel welcomed."


"I am so thankful for the community I have found in and through

Indigenous Embrace.  The space they hold for community promotes healing and togetherness, offering not only in practice but in teaching ancestral ways to carry us through our life experiences.  I'm proud to be held in this community and to be able to share this healing journey with my daughter.  We look forward to every meeting, the community sweats and workshops.  We are thankful to the org as well for all donations provided to us.  Tlazohcamati R.O. Indigenous Embrace" 


"It is a way to join communities together through love, prayer, and embrace from the 4 corners of the medicine road, and we are thankful."


"Indigenous Embrace always holds a beautiful space for community to come in to heal.  Whether though talking, singing, sweatlodge, or bear ceremony.  I have always felts safe in this space enough to invite other women and friends to join."


"I joined Indigenous Embrace community healing sweats and ceremonies in 2018.  Even though I was new, I felt welcomed and open to reawakening my ancestral and family forms of prayer and meditation.  With an open heart and mind, Indigenous Embrace supports sacred, healing space."






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